1. Can I remove a colored tattoo?

Yes. Black, colored, yellow, red, blue etc. Small, big, new and old ones. Every kind of tattoo is available for Pico Technology to remove.

2. How many treatments do I have to undergo to remove a tattoo?

It is a very individual matter. It depends on the result you would like to get and it also depends on the size of the tattoo, how old it is, how deep the pigment is and a few other features.
We recommend series of 4-6 or 4-8 treatments, but we have never done any more than 10 treatments for one tattoo.

3. Does the treatment hurt?

We cannot promise it will be painless because it mainly depends on the pain threshold of the specific patient. If you are afraid of the possible pain see Question 4 (anesthesia). During the treatment we use contact cooling system.

4. Can I get an anesthesia for tattoo removal treatment?

As a standard treatment we procedure without anesthesia, however at the patient’s request we can apply the anesthesia (from 50-100 PLN depending on the size of the tattoo).
When you sign up, please mention this option if you are interested – we will reserve the appropriate amount of time for anesthesia. During the treatment we use contact cooling system.

5. Is it possible to remove only a part of the tattoo?

By all means yes. We also do tattoo removal for the tattoo cover (or only the name that no longer should be there 😉 ). The use of Pico Technology provides high precision.

6. Is it possible to remove only one color (pigment) of the tattoo?

Yes, it is just like removing only a part of the tattoo. See Question 5 above.

7. What is the cost of the treatment?

The price depends on the size and color of the tattoo. Measure the tattoo area (in cm2) and check our price list here.

8. How often the treatment is repeated?

The next treatment can be done from 4 to 8 weeks after the previous treatment was done.

9. Does it require a recovery period?

Treatment with the use of Pico Technology does not require a recovery period. Just after the treatment procedure we put a bandage on the area and the Patient returns home. Remember to follow the specialist’s nursing and hygiene orders.

10. Does tattoo removal cause scars?

As a result of tattoo removal (or permanent makeup removal) using Pico Technology, we achieve lower thermal energy than with older methods of removal, which directly affects the greater safety of the Patient and reduces the risk of causing scars. However, the final result is determined by many factors, including: self-care of the treated area made by the Patient, experience of the specialist taking the procedure, tattoo removal method. Certainly, the treatments with Pico Technology minimize the risk of causing scars. Many Patients come to us after failed attempts of removing tattoos asking for help with scars and pigments – we are also able to do treatments on such areas.

11. What are the contraindications to the tattoo removal treatment?

– Pregnancy and breast-feeding
– Cancer
– Open wounds or skin lesions
– Skin inflammations or general inflammations on the treatment area
– Tendency for scars and keloids
– Fresh suntan, self tanner, spray tanning
– Photosensitizing drugs and other

12. How should I be prepared to the treatment?

This treatment does not require any special preparation. Please read the contraindications listed above (e.g. fresh suntan). If would like to use an anesthesia, you should wait the appropriate amount of time. Please let us know about it while registering.

13. Can I see the results of tattoo removal?

Yes, click here.

14. If I have already tried to remove the tattoo, can I try again in your Clinic?

You are mostly welcome 🙂 Many Patients come to us after failed attempts of removing tattoos asking for help with scars and pigments – we are also able to do treatments on such areas.

15. How soon after the tattoo removal can I do another tattoo on the same area?

After the skin on the tattooed area heals, which usually takes around 3-4 weeks.

16. Is it possible to remove the tattoo completely?

With the technology available in our Clinic, tattoo removal is possible.

17. It is possible to remove the permanent makeup?

Yes. The process of permanent makeup removal is the same as for the tattoo. The treatment can be done not long after the skin on the tattooed area is healed. How many treatments should be undergone in the series of permanent makeup removal depends on the depth, color and quality of the make-up. This applies to both permanent eyebrow makeup, upper or lower eyeline and lips – contour and full filling.

18. Is Pico Technology used in other types of treatments?

Yes, absolutely – we use them for Anti-Aging therapies, deep skin rebuilding, removing pigmentation marks and pigmented birthmarks, for the scars and stretch marks therapy, as well as for removing permanent makeup and so-called post-traumatic tattoos (traumatic abrasions).

19. How soon after taking a tattoo can I remove it?

After the skin on the tattooed area heals, which usually takes around 3-4 weeks.


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